Ranieri-Nantes, who sparks: "Is the president unhappy?

The Italian technician did not show up at the club's 75-year anniversary: "I did not find parking," he said. Immediate replica of the owner Kita: "It was a lack of professionalism", but then throw water on the fire "I hope you stay with us" Saturday the tension had skyrocketed. Not so much for the defeat, almost obvious in Lyon, but for the traumatic aftermath of days of skirmishes. Protagonists, Claudio Ranieri and its president Waldemar Kita. With the Italian technician hard after 2-0 cashed: "If the president is not happy he has only one thing left to do ...". That is the exemption. Stuttgart that has hit the mark, given that today the owner of Nantes throws water on the fire, in an interview with the team: "With Ranieri no problem, but what a pity for the season finale".

The French club has actually won only one of the last 12 races. And he slipped to tenth place, six points from sixth place that is worth the Europa League area. Objective hoped by Kita, however, who had taken it with Ranieri mainly because he had not presented himself at the 75th anniversary of Nantes. Absence noticed by everyone, indicating a certain intolerance that the technician has disguised with a little 'misunderstood humor: "I did not find parking and then I went to London because I had a loss of water in my house." Immediate Kita's reply: "It was a lack of professionalism".Get the best betting predictions for free.

Comment little appreciated by the person concerned who ended the race on Saturday, he clarified his position in front of the cameras. Position, however, also linked to the fate of the national team bench. For Italy, Kita reiterates today, the Nantes is ready to step aside: "By the end of the season we will talk about it, but I hope it remains". The technician remains a year of contract, but recently he was also finished in Lyon's notebook, a club that would guarantee more means. So far Ranieri has made a small miracle with a rose devoid of elements that can make the difference.

The decline ofNantes in the second part of the season was predictable. Also because of certain players who have already decided to leave. Like captain Dubois, who has already signed with Lyon against which Saturday was disappointing. Initially Kita had blamed Ranieri for deploying him. Today, the manager backs down: "Dubois also cheated with Ranieri, he should have told us that he did not feel like playing". A sort of apology, perhaps too late.